Washington University School of Medicine


We are collaborating with Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, MO in research and capacity building of Rwandan clinicians and scientists through provision of Fellowships to Rwandan scholars to participate in Summer trainings on Global Health research at the Institute for Public Health.

Trainees are also offered training opportunities in laboratory biochemistry and Rwandan clinicians and scientists gain skills training in clinical and research on pathogenesis and metabolic complications associated with HIV-infection, advanced age, diabetes and obesity. We particularly focus on research to characterize the burden and etiological causes and characteristics of diabetes mainly type 2 diabetes mellitus and its micro vascular complications.

Our area of training and research focus include global health research on programmatic factors of disease burden and socio-demographic and clinical dynamics of global innovative partnerships. We treasure knowledge transfer from developed countries but our current and sustainable vision is mutual partnerships of how we can offer transferable lesions to more higher-income countries through global health partnerships.