RASD Rwanda receives an NIH/FIC D43 research and training grant funding for 5 years

The United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Fogarty International Center (FIC) has awarded a Research and Training grant to Regional Alliance for Sustainable Development (RASD) Rwanda a D43 grant entitled, “HIV- and ART-Associated Cardiometabolic Research Training in Rwanda,” Federal Award No: 1D43TW010335-01 for 5 years (April 2016- February 2021) PD/PI: Eugene Mutimura. For more information, please access NIH awards as public information on the NIH website (https://report.nih.gov) under PD/PI: Eugene Mutimura.

The overall goal of the D43 training strategy is to develop scientific leadership in HIV- and ART-associated cardiometabolic (CM) research in Rwanda through developing a dynamic team of scholars to implement well-designed contextually relevant studies. The grant will support various trainings in Rwanda as well at other Universities and institutions in USA, Canada, The Netherlands and Rwanda.

The goal is that trainees are be able to publish and present results at scientific meetings, and for networking, and develop expertise for independent research funding. Regional Alliance for Sustainable Development (RASD Rwanda) and the University of Rwanda (UR) College of Medicine and Health Sciences (UR-CMHS) are collaborating implement various trainings.

The Faculty from partner institutions of Washington University in the US, University of Alberta in Canada, and various Universities such Utrecht University in Netherlands Skype calls, teleconferences to plan, forecast and together develop proposals with trainees, support design of studies, travel to Rwanda to mentors trainees on agreed upon schedules and train trainees. The goal is to implement a mélange of long-, medium-, and short-term tailored didactic and hands-on training, balanced for Master’s (MS) degree and non-degree face-to-face mentorships. Trainings proposed include MS in Clinical investigation training to postdoctoral scholars, Mentored Career Development Fellowships, MS in Biostatistics, and MS in Biochemistry Laboratory Medicine. Research training in Endocrinology and Metabolism and advanced nursing techniques. Trainings will occur both in Rwanda, and partners institutions in USA, Canada and the Netherlands.