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Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Rwanda Military Hospital


We have strong partnership on research on cancer registry through building cancer registry program as well leveraging national efforts to train clinicians for long-term training leading to 4 years Masters in Human Pathology, medium and short-term trainings in cancer epidemiology. We focus on translation science of HPV infection such as cervical cancer in women, HPV-related ano-genital and penile cancers in men and studies on outcome of HIV treatment and care

Rwanda Military Hospital (RMH) is a military referral hospital that provides health care services to the military, their immediate families and the civilian population within the vicinities of the hospital and its collaborating Satellite District Hospital and Health Centers. The hospital particularly opened its doors to the general population after 1994 war. RMH offers health services to 80% civilian and 20% military patients. The new strategic direction for RMH focuses on referral hospital (and teaching) activities. The 5-year strategic plan (2011-16) defines the parameters for making RMH a fully fledged referral hospital of excellence.

Washington University School of Medicine


University of ALBERTA


We are collaborating with Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, MO in research and capacity building of Rwandan clinicians and scientists through provision of Fellowships to Rwandan scholars to participate in Summer trainings on Global Health research at the Institute for Public Health. Trainees are also offered training opportunities in laboratory biochemistry and Rwandan clinicians and scientists gain skills training in clinical and research on pathogenesis and metabolic complications associated with HIV-infection, advanced age, diabetes and obesity.

Our group is working to establish a research project on preventive approach of an intervention to characterize factors associated with human body metabolic and cardiovascular derangements resulting in obesity, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes by examining how lipid absorption occurs and metabolism of dietary lipids and their interactions with arterial vessels during atherosclerosis. We are working with Dr. Spencer Proctor whose work has contributed extensively to an understanding of how lipid and glucose metabolism occur in early life, through measurements of remnant lipoprotein fractions (isoforms of apoB48 and apoB100) in both fasting and non-fasting states.