University of ALBERTA


Our group is working to establish a research project on preventive approach of an intervention to characterize factors associated with human body metabolic and cardiovascular derangements resulting in obesity, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes by examining how lipid absorption occurs and metabolism of dietary lipids and their interactions with arterial vessels during atherosclerosis.

We are working with Dr. Spencer Proctor whose work has contributed extensively to an understanding of how lipid and glucose metabolism occur in early life, through measurements of remnant lipoprotein fractions (isoforms of apoB48 and apoB100) in both fasting and non-fasting states.

We are mutually exploring investigations on factors associated with levels of various lipids particularly lipoprotein concentrations in African children, which may lead to obesity and sub-clinical CVD risk. We envision to examine these factors that complement our on-going studies and expertise in Rwanda to enable our research team explore similar investigations to reveal lipid abnormalities in HIV-infected individuals in Rwanda.